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New Spypoint Cameras

Posted 17 May 2019

The Trail Camera market has experienced a huge demand in recent years which is no surprise to us! With the ever growing interest in garden wildlife people are fascinated to learn about the visiting animals and nocturnal inhabitants sharing their own back yard. 
At Gardenature we favour only a few brands of Motion activated Cameras namely Browning, Spypoint and Bushnell which we have personally used tested and proven to be head and shoulders above others that we have trialled over the years. 
Most Camera Traps come with a manufacturers 1 year warranty, but by purchasing through Gardenature we increase this to 2 years and additionally provide lifetime technical support for your peace of mind.

So whats New ? 

Take a look at our range of Spypoint Cameras, here you will find a satisfying range of cameras to suit all budget and requirements. From only £129 the new Spypoint Force 20 very much holds its own in this low price bracket, being one of the cheapest cameras (that is worthy of a mention) you can expect 20 megapixel images, HD video and a respectable 0.7 sec trigger speed. Move through the various models and price points and you will see simplified changes to include even faster trigger speeds,wider detection zones, No Glow (invisible) LED's, colour viewing screens, solar powered cameras and Cellular options such as the brand new Spypoint Link-Micro at just £194.95, not only the smallest but also the cheapest cellular camera available today.

Cellular Trail Cameras are slightly different to the standard camera trap which saves images/videos to an SD card for you to retrieve and playback. Cellular cameras will also have a Sim card that uses a mobile network, this allows it to immediately notify by sending the photo that was just taken on a motion trigger. Most Cellular cameras have a Sim card already included which you then activate and use through a downloadable App to your IOS or Android device.

If you would like to know more, please give us a call and we will be very pleased to advise on the right camera to meet your needs.

by Simon Byland