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New Browning Defender Wifi Bluetooth Camera

Posted 17 May 2019

We are really excited to bring you the all new Browning Defender 940 WiFi trail camera. 

Apart from being loaded with all the usual high end refinement that we have come to expect from Browning, you can also operate this camera via your IOS or Android device through a free App and connection either on your home network or via Bluetooth when out in the field. 

Using the Browning Camera App offers you the ability to preview or download images and HD video straight to your (IOS / Android) smart phone or tablet without disturbing your camera. This serves as a great solution for when you have to put the camera in locations that are difficult to reach, up in a tree watching an Owl or Kestrel box perhaps. We also thought the App makes a really handy tool for setting the Defender camera up too, not only does it let you view and adjust the Browning camera menu settings, but you can also view a live image from the camera trap allowing you to set it up in exactly the right position to frame that perfect shot. Its definitely worth mentioning that your smart device and the Browning camera would need to be within Bluetooth range of each other, or of course the camera is within your WiFi network signal to use the alternative WiFi connectivity.

by Simon Byland