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Time lapse camera from Brinno

Posted 12 Nov 2018

Time lapse recording is a great way to capture and playback your Wildlife or Building projects as a fast forward video. This great little time lapse cameras can be used for short or long term events, whether its the family party or a major construction project the Brinno BCC100 Time Lapse Camera is up to the Job!

The BCC100 Brinno time lapse camera comes loaded with accessories including a time lapse camera weatherproof case, Bunji strap, fixing bracket, 4GB SD and 4x AA batteries just to get you started!.
For long term projects we recommend using an optional 5vDC power or Lithium batteries and  16GB or 32GB SDHC card which are additionally available when you click the 'BUY' button.

The Brinno Time Lapse Video Camera provides an effortless way to easily record your garden project, building construction or even a weekend event or party with family and friends. 
Set it and forget it! Create a time lapse video by placing your camera in the best position to capture the project, set the timed interval of photos according to the rate your project or event will change. Ready to view time lapse playback can be selected at the speed that suits your project. 
Time lapse camera videos are a great way to sell your services, record nature or just to film an event from start to finish.

by Simon Byland