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Ltl Acorn Wireless Trail Camera

Posted 12 Sep 2018

Whilst we have been very pleased with the Spypoint Link EVO wireless trail camera which comes with its own Sim card linked to a 4G network, we wanted to find an alternative manufacturer to offer you more choice. Having read a lot of reviews the Ltl Acorn 6310MG wireless MMS trail camera appeared to be a real crowd pleaser so we put it to the test! 

This little Acorn motion activated and Wireless Camera Trap 6310MG-3G is capable of sending video and photo over a 3G network whenever it is triggered. This means you will always know what's going on around your camera so it's ideal for use as wildlife scouting camera and / or a security camera trap.

The ltl Acorn 6310MG trail camera runs on 12x AA batteries, we recommend AA Energizer Lithium batteries for extra long life.
An LCD 2" Screen is built into the back of the trail camera which offers easy operation and clear menu functions. Some other features of the Ltl Acorn 6310MG include TIme Lapse capability and 1080p HD Video with Audio (AVI)  and 12MP (Jpeg) photo images with ability to time and date stamp.
The sensing area is about 20 meters with a night vision range of 15 meters. Trigger speed is 0.8 sec which you can also defer by setting an interval time between triggers. The lens angle is 52 degrees, thats about 4 degrees better than most other cameras. 

What we really like about this Scouting Camera is that it also has wide angle sensors that wake the camera ready to take the shot as the subject approaches the camera from the sides, that's a real bonus when you add it the fast trigger function resulting in a full on image of the subject.
This camera requires batteries and a memory card to get you started, we recommend using our Sandisk ultra SDHC 32GB offering you bags of memory for video and photo.

by Simon Byland