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The Solitary Bee Project

Posted 13 Jun 2017

The Solitary Bee Project is run from Anglia Ruskin University by Stephanie Maher and Dr. Thomas Ings, and they would really like everybody to join their project by easily reporting Solitary Bee findings to them.

"We just need you to find aggregations and tell us about it. Maybe you have already seen nesting aggregations in previous years, in your garden or your local area, well we’d love you to take a closer look at those. Or maybe you’re willing to look for the nests, just spend a little time searching the ground on your usual walking route or daily commute, you may be surprised by what you see!"

All of the submitted records will be used in research to better understand the needs of our solitary bees, the results of which they hope to publish in the future. 
For further information on what to look out for and how to take part please follow this link to their page The Solitary Bee Project

You can also help by providing a home for Bees in your garden with one of our Bee Habitats

by Simon Byland