Digital Wireless Camera Kits

Posted 29 Aug 2013

At the beginning of last year Gardenature were the first to introduce Digital Wireless transmission to replace the old Analogue systems. The wireless transmitter and receiver signal is digitally encrypted and much more powerful than cheaper analogue systems which were prone to interference. The advantage of using digital is that you will get 100% interference free video and audio quality as these devices will automatically pair and channel hop if they detect a signal being used by another device such as broadband etc. This particular model in its standard form is capable of transmitting over 120 metres line of sight, but we can also supply optional high gain antennas for distances of 250m and upto 1km line of sight.

Over the last few months we have been working on a new weatherproof housing which encases the Transmitter / Receiver so it no longer requires a seperate weatherproof box to protect it from the elements. Not only this, we have made connections to your TV and camera so simple it is literally just plug in and play! 

We believe that our Digital Wireless Camera systems are not only one of the best available on the market today but quite probably the easiest to understand and use.

by Simon Byland