Swift Nest Boxes

Swift Nesting Boxes come in many forms. Built in swift boxes, Brick swift boxes, Wooden swift boxes for placing under eaves, Colony Swift boxes, Woodcrete Swift boxes, Schwegler swift boxes and many more, we can even make bespoke to your swift box design so if you dont see what you want please call us.
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Swift Nesting Box - Marine Ply

Laser cut from marine ply, this high quality swift box is handmade and screwed together for easy access. Weatherproof with optional fixing points top and back
  • £43.95

Swift Nest Box (Camera Ready)

Hand crafted from Certified Grade-A Western Red Cedar, this high quality weatherproof swift box will provide a home to swifts for many years
  • £59.95

Swift Box No 18

Designed for fixing beneath the eaves. The swift chamber is made in Woodcrete and the backing board is exterior grade chipboard ready for painting to match the building.
SKU: 611/0
  • £54.95

Swift Box No 17B Large

Enlarged Brood Chamber. Made from a special mixture of compressed plant fibres and concrete, provides good insulation and extremely long life.
SKU: 608/0
  • £55.95

Swift Box No 17A Triple Cavity

Extended version of the proven No.17 Standard Swift Box and can accommodate three pairs of swifts in parallel. Fix or Build-in
SKU: 613/4
  • £154.95

Swift Box No 17

Made from a special mixture of compressed plant fibres and concrete, it provides good insulation and extremely long life.
SKU: 610/3
  • £59.95

1MF Double Chamber Swift and Bat Box

A double-height version of the No 16 with two chambers. When it is fixed on a wall, the clever design ensures that space is left between the nest box and the wall for bats to occupy
SKU: 615/8
  • £119.95

Base Block / Bat Slope for 1MF Swift & Bat Box

1MF Base Block / Bat Slope to be used with the 1MF Double Chamber Swift / Bat Box when it is being built into a wall.
SKU: 616/5
  • £39.95

Swift Box No 16S

This modern design built in swift box has an integrated barrier to exclude Starlings
SKU: 609/7
  • £58.95

Swift Box No 16 Single Chamber

This modern design swift box mimics a bell-tower louvre. It can be installed on a wall, using the optional Fixing Bracket, or within the wall.
SKU: 612/7
  • £57.95

Lightweight Swift Box Type 1A

The lightweight swift nesting box is ideal for inclusion in heat insulation systems on external walls
SKU: 729/2
  • £44.50

Brick Box Type 25A

Woodcrete build-in Swift nesting box for installing or rendering into external walls. The 25A has a larger breeding space and reduced depth than the Type 25
SKU: 721/6
  • £59.95
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