Bat Boxes, Bat Habitats

Here we offer you a variety of bat boxes to suit most applications. From single bat boxes to build-in bat tubes, bat access panels for preservation of existing bat nesting sites and large bat roosts for bat conservation projects. Please note that some of the larger woodcrete bat boxes will need to be delivered on a pallet due to their size and weight.
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Bat Tube 1FR

Single bat tube for building into external walls. No cleaning or maintenance required
SKU: 750/1
  • £79.95

Bat Tube 2FR

Single bat tube with interconnecting holes. A number of tubes can be built into a wall as a modular form side by side
SKU: 755/1
  • £79.95

Bat Access Panel 1FE

Open back enables bats to continue to use existing nesting sites in walls. Conversions, renovations etc. Optional back plate.
SKU: 747/6
  • £54.95

2FE Wall Mounted Bat Shelter

This Schwegler 2FE wall-mounted bat shelter is ideal for Pipistrelle, Whiskered and Barbastelle bats species.
SKU: 737/7
  • £42.95

1GS Brick Roost

The special material used in the 1GS Brick Bat Roost absorbs moisture from the surrounding area, providing the perfect bat roost in areas free from frost
SKU: 770/4
  • £51.95

Universal Summer Bat Roost 2FTH

The Schwegler 2FTH is suitable for all bat species inhabiting buildings, forests and woodland, providing a suitable summer roost site.
SKU: 772/8
  • £279.95

Summer & Winter Bat Roost 1WQ

Designed for Safe hibernation of Bats in winter as well as for roosting and raising young in summer
SKU: 765/0
  • £139.95

Bat Roost 1FQ

Bat Nursery or Roost. Designed specifically to be fitted on an external wall, house, barn or other building.
SKU: 760/5
  • £94.95
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