Seasonal Offers on Wildlife Products

Here you will find a random selection of Gardenature items which we have chosen as our offers of the month. This page will change regularly because we can't always hold these prices, so remember to check back occasionally and pick yourself up a top quality product at an especially low price.  
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Butterfly Biome

A complete environment for Butterflies as a summer and winter house, includes plant food in the form of native wildflower seeds
  • Was £27.99
  • Now £25.99
  • SAVE £2

Bushnell Head Torch 150L

Bushnell Rubicon H150L T.I.R. Optic Head Torch is a very versatile head lamp that uses high-quality Cree LEDs and offers a range of lighting formats, 173 - 209 Lumens.
SKU: 10H150ML
  • Was £34.99
  • Now £24.99
  • SAVE £10

Bushnell Head Torch 250L

Bushnell Rubicon H250ML Optic Head Torch is a very versatile headlamp that uses high-quality Cree LEDs and offers a range of lighting formats, 250 Lumens.
SKU: 10H250ML
  • Was £49.99
  • Now £29.99
  • SAVE £20

Wingscapes Timelapse Camera

Get creative with this 8mp Camera. Fun and easy to use for anything from wildlife to construction, weather, events and parties!
SKU: WCT-00125
  • Was £129.99
  • Now £119.95
  • SAVE £10.04

Bushnell Rubicon A200L Lantern

Quality outdoor product able to produce up to 200 lumens from its LED lamp. Lightweight and rugged lantern with 4 different lighting modes. Weight 11oz
SKU: GN-10A200ML
  • Was £42.00
  • Now £29.95
  • SAVE £12.05

Bushnell Rubicon A350L Lantern

Bright and consistent lighting that can quickly be adjusted to suit the environment required. Light a large area with 350 Lumens or switch to the spotlight for directional lighting with a twist of the collar.
SKU: GN-10A350ML
  • Was £58.50
  • Now £44.95
  • SAVE £13.55

Wingscapes - BirdCam Pro

Get creative with this 20mp Bird Camera Pro. Motion detection bird camera, close-up images and video day or night. Includes timelapse function
SKU: WCB-00119
  • Was £219.95
  • Now £214.95
  • SAVE £5

Bushnell NatureView Cam HD with Live View

1080p HD Video,14MP Images, 80ft Night Vision & Motion Sensing, x2 Colour Screens, 0.2-Sec Trigger, x2 extra lenses, Hybrid Mode
SKU: 119740
  • Was £349.99
  • Now £239.99
  • SAVE £110

Bushnell NatureView HD Security Box 119755

This Steel Security Case provides added protection for your Bushnell NatureView HD Live View Camera 119740
SKU: 119755
  • Was £45.83
  • Now £34.95
  • SAVE £10.88

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless - Brown

Remotely capture HD footage and send images to your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. MMS / GSM / GPRS, sim required
SKU: 119598
  • Was £316.66
  • Now £249.99
  • SAVE £66.67

Mini Mammal Dormouse Box

This high quality dormouse box offers a dry and insulated nesting area for dormice and other small mammals.
  • £38.95

Yukon Tracker Pro 2x24

Two independent infrared illuminators for long and short range detection in very low light/total darkness. 2.0 x image magnification and a 25° field of view, up to120 meter range.
SKU: YU-25022
  • Was £459.95
  • Now £424.95
  • SAVE £35
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